About the Keowee Anglers Club

The Keowee Anglers is a bass fishing club that was formed in the mid-90s by a few members of the "Newcomers Club of the Foothills" who discovered their shared passion for fishing and wanted the opportunity to share fishing knowledge of beautiful Lake Keowee. The club originally consisted of some 20 members and has since grown to approximately 80 – 100 members.

Our club’s main purpose is to help members learn how to fish for bass on Lake Keowee and have fun in the process. Experienced members share their fishing knowledge with less skilled members. We are a teaching and learning club and members of all skill levels are invited to join. We have 4 meetings that are held from 10 to noon on the first Thursday of the month (December through March) to swap experiences and invite speakers on subjects of common interest.

For club members, we hold 4 team tournaments a year (April, May, October & November) that are 4 hours in duration and structured so everyone has a chance to win a prize. Teams consist of a more skilled member with a less skilled member randomly matched to offer a learning experience. Members without fishing boats are teamed with members who have fishing boats. Tournament Award Luncheons are conducted on the last day of each tournament.

We also have informal meetings where members can meet and share real-time fishing experiences. Check the calendar for all meeting details.